April 16, 2008

Richness of Life

By Charles Sapp II

Liquid shimmering iridescent green
from tropical plant leaves after an afternoon rain shower
and Sun approaching west
ending its day shift.

Sleepy trees nap while the wind plays
drifting sounds of music;
wood wind flutes from the limbs of trees and
tambourines from leaves,
in celebration of nature’s connectedness.

Life in movement
evolving, thriving and flourishing
its riches in cycles obedient to nature.
Purification of air
symbolic to buried relics
untainted by discovery.

Silhouettes running from the Sun
hide in the shadows cascaded by towering giants
waiting to conjoin as one
and lurk beneath the moon’s stage light.
Glowing eyes steal light at night,
peering from the darkness
feeding on silence.

A new day emerges
and the mist evaporates
trails of mystery dissipate
welcoming harmonious order;
a masterful array of life
abundant in richness.