May 28, 2008

Mystic Spells Abound

By Charles Sapp II

In the land of mystics,
proverbs written on the backs of 1st born sons,
readable only in the purity of unfiltered sunlight.
Knowledge is the key to self reliance and preservation.
A culture aimed at globular clusters and bizarre star systems,
heretic to the future.

Dimmed eyes, dreamy to an atmospheric love,
replicates the heaven’s masterpiece in the form of affection.
Gravitation pulls hearts as one,
resembling the melding of liquid metal
to further fortify their bond.

Beneath the umbrella of solidarity
are the quiet ruminations in which spells abound.
Women bear future phenomena
to resurrect the past and evoke the reincarnation of change.
With each day passing, marking the phase of the moon’s cycle,
souls ascend to the sky as cosmic jewels,
like fireflies in the night.

The ravished land rebounds plentiful
as homage is paid to the eclipsing of the Sun;
reverenced action to appease the dual forces.
The possession of power
extends into the cusp of humble beginnings,
like the tame fire within.

Flickers of smoldering embers lurk in the void,
where humanity must beware;
the stratagem of dark forces with armies of shadows
to engulf the inner light assimilated
as the unknown, the forgotten and the unspoken.

The future phenomena are at war with nature’s estranged children.
The alchemy of love and affection,
wizardry of potions that withstand the colloquial representation of a mystic’s era.