May 29, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

I look back at time’s youthful face and see this child full of inquisitive wonder
with their involvement in this world, while wearing it on his shoulders,
trying to cram its volume, density and mass within the cranial plates of his head.
Even though it could never fit, there was more than enough room in his heart.

Passion for answers consumed every waking frame,
when at a lull, boredom plagued idle moments and child’s play was just that.
He’d close his eyes and choose a color and run with it,
imagining the crystalline purity of aquatic blue water rippled with drops
from a tropical shower and the Sun playing peek-a-boo through the cumulus clouds
and casting a double rainbow with a game of hide and go seek of hidden treasure
where X – marks the spot.

With escapism at a cost; sessions of imaginative glory lasting for quite some time,
with gaps of slow motion speculation and third person observation.
Nature was his only friend and the environment was his playground.
He later learned to control the bullying wind and tame its tantrums to his benefit.
Blowing bubbles as wishes atop trees
and watching them drift to foreign realms of fantasy without breaking.
His unselfish wishes were mere meditations through the Earth’s respiratory system.

To look back at the child with no suit, no lab coat, no degree and no salary;
he remained content with no control except the nourishment to his soul.
His responsibility further outweighed mine to date which allows me to reflect
on all that we take for granted with peace of mind, peace at heart,
or world peace which begins with the child within.