June 2, 2008

Immortal Love

I once experienced a time when the future was clouded with doubt as thick and complex as hurricane clouds. This poem is the testament that the Sun does break away the clouds and the purity of light penetrates the darkness, it may come in different luminous forms, however mine came in the form of love.

By Charles Sapp II

Before I knew her,
my life was forever affected
and the serum for recovery was her love.

Spiral staircases leading nowhere
amid a labyrinth maze without outer walls;
caught in the confusion with no direction,
lost among the wanderers, fading within the shadows defined by distance.
A dream interpreted by the crossroads of life
and the transitions of opportunity developed by choice;
well constructed by the confrontation of fear
and the defeat of disability and mental paralysis.

With eyes closed, space expands infinite without limitations and physical barriers.
The oceans appear deeper and the sky is wider;
later realizing that the power lies within.
I take a deep breath and travel inward,
swimming through the dark waters within self
and reach the center of light that has dimmed to a faint glint.

Distorted images pervade my awareness—in remembrance.
Her warmth revived my spirit.
Her touch reassembled my broken trust.
Her kiss breathed new life to a tired body,
that could no longer hurdle any more of life’s obstacles, let alone take another step.
Her presence resurrected a revised me;
metaphorically re-engineered with faith, confidence and strength of will.

With starlit candles,
I want to celebrate our love,
basking in the moonlight as her eyes glow and dance to my eyes;
the jewel of my life.
Romantically enthralled and captivated by graceful maneuvers, waltzing with my soul,
as we double date with our emotional and physical love.
Love so potent, it cannot be extracted
as it clings to the surface of our fused hearts.
My love for her is timeless,
I will plant a field of her,
to bear fruit of future seeds;
therefore making her immortal.