June 3, 2008

The Glass Orb of Critical Love

By Charles Sapp II

The comfort of familiar faces,
is the figment of the imagination.
An illness embedded at childhood
and the magnified resistance,
pushing further away towards the abyss.

A common bond with foreign blood,
where expectations outweigh innuendos fueled with disappointments.
Love loss equates to blood loss and the sense of disappearing
from a lofty wind ascending to the clouds.
Transported to fantasy lands to love afar
and forcefully forget the hurt inflicted and guilt
from the shadowed personas painted close.

Dashes and streaks of color inhabit the canvas,
a creative representation
of artist’s vision scrutinized and judged by critics.

Properly proportioned, equally balanced,
maintaining poise in posture;
the feeling of being well grounded,
a positive shift of equilibrium.

Polarities give way to a centered median
as the currents of the sea swell with kinetic potential;
encapsulated within a glass orb,
unaware of itself and its nature.
Like the disposition of childhood angst against those that love blindly,
but with watchful eyes.

As nature is governed by the laws
which influence behavior with characteristic action;
self propelled energy held in a closed palm
restrained from its destined future.