June 4, 2008

A Man and His Dreams

Dreams that take on a transformation may be the caterpillar in its chrysalis stage. I find that rapid growth and development of the consciousness and awareness of the environment we help create as subdivisions of our reality are equally translated within our dreams and subconscious in dramatic ways. The brain may be connecting with the inner energy of self and the vivid realism which leaves you with an experience that has a long lasting impression—

By Charles Sapp II

A man and his dreams
living for the moment, a silent retreat—escaping
towards creative outlets landscaping his ethereal mind wandering.

Tranquility envelops him whole,
absorbing the essence of presence within the material world.
A transformation through meditation and astral projection,
catapulting his awareness towards the sky and beyond the heavens.
Eyes staring with a lucid fixation
with exaggerated vivid imagery.
Bearing the watermark at birth,
distinguishing his future
as an air sign leading towards atmospheric liberation.

Surrounded by spheres
alternating colors as if communicating his subconscious,
interpreting a forgotten language.
Taking flight, while light pours from the eyes
surveying the land with all matter seen
at hand’s touch truth is within grasp.

Taking heed of his metaphor
without form nor shape,
invisible like the wind with presence felt.
A man and his dreams
summoning the latent power of earthbound solitude
an entity with a hungry Sun to his right and a thirsty Moon to his left.