June 5, 2008

Higher Forms

By Charles Sapp II

I combat radioactive ignorance by the reconstruction of a defense mechanism
that adapts to immune deficient organisms that are invisible to eyes and naked from reality,
these are nature’s building blocks
heavy elements fused at the molecular core at the hearts of extraordinary stars.
Sharing their light, so I may summon the history of every noun and utter every verb
that flutters the sound of chaos like the wings of a butterfly,
time stains its progress;
whereas light proves its existence in vivid color and real-time testimonials.

The Sun beats down shadows,
disintegrating the photon material,
illuminating the curvature contour and compound structure of its massive framework.
This human,
that reflects on the tradition celebrated by man-unkindness;
gravity that keeps this amalgamation of virtuosity and vitality in harmonious order.

Evolution in continuance, thoughts progressed forward like instruments
and resonating influence in sonic forms of rhythmic waves in movement.

While I’ve starved and restricted this outlet
as collective ingestions of information that feeds this soul with energy.
Recent memories forged from distant recollections;
my birthrights as an entity that is aware of its composition
and position in worldly aspects aspiring the future.
Preparedness allows the voice to speak loudly when recorded on sheets of blank matter
adding volume with expressive forms of communication.
I speak with a verbal soul, with a scientific dialect from a universal culture;
relating with sentient beings, this expression exhibits human experience,
gathering all cultivated concepts as a root system to further ground the need for flight.

Cluttered from an existence to where everything matters;
finding out that genius is irregular oddities devised by mediocrity;
flushing the system on occasion brings forth order by coordinating a mélange of thoughts
with synonymous versions of vernacular convergence, whereas without the tools of mediation this is all nonsense written loudly, adding volume with expressive forms of communication and knowing that no matter how much you erase, you can never eradicate the impression left on the perceived notion of reality given to you.

Behold those with higher forms of ignorance.