July 21, 2008

Embrace of Change

The homecoming back to the States has been a warm welcoming from family and friends. It has been a little longer than a month since touching down on California soil and since my farewell to China blog entry.

Ever since, my perspective has never been the same despite the economic grim, my optimism for a bright future grows exponentially. The road towards adjustment proves to be difficult from the ever present culture shock to the looming inflation of gas prices, but motivation of starting anew has kept me stable and the love from family has kept me grounded.

My writings have been put to the wayside during this transition period, as I filter through my experiences to project the new found consciousness my life has yet to be explained. This entry is my first step towards releasing the newly acquired forms of ideas, perspectives and outlook of the future when compared to the recent past.

To summarize my time back home, it is nothing more than self evolution in progress and I am happy to introduce a new chapter of me, while exploring limitless dimensions of unchartered regions as they are encountered.

I embrace change.