July 21, 2008

Inward Recognition

By Charles Sapp II

The first of my journey has been complete.

The winding roads have taken a straight path towards home.

The comforting arms of familiarity truly exists,
like tomorrow’s nested hopes that bear fruitful futures.
Normalcy lost, in search to be found.
Faint subtleties appear then disappear
into the calm waters of recognition of what once was,
as time changes paths and altered in accordance to the law of contentment.
The stars look back with recognition
awaiting approval by the morning Sun,
granting a new day and rejecting yesterday’s doubts.

A colorful wheel of fortune
spins for my choosing, but not for myself,
but for all whom may encounter my touch.

A conscientious decision made with eyes closed
and silent gestures of prosperity enriched with happiness

with an edge of fulfillment as I inhale opalescent colors
and exhale translucent words of expression,
manifested silently
as emotions that soothe thy soul
and atone my transition
as a whole, like the eclipsing shadow that shrouds the visionary quest within,
questioning the day’s moment.

The digestion of time,

full from life’s experience and the exposure to truth.