July 22, 2008

Thirst & Hunger

By Charles Sapp II

The sensation of thirst and hunger intensifies daily;

examining the better half of self and its desires.

Identified by the mirroring image of nature inside,

the reflecting heart of the universe, coiled into radiant love;

the perpetual emotion of self love

that acquaints its alignment to raw truth and rare elements

fused at the core of all that matters,

exempt with no words to taint the composition of purity

found in all human integrity.

Silence is golden as the weight of the world

becomes buoyant and gravity ceases to exist,

succumbed by the magnitude of presence

and the sense of oneness,

one must retreat to the source of common equality.

Only there,

it breathes and swells upon inhale

as a collection of cells represent that within star systems;

within personal universes, time oscillates experience for comparison

past versus the future as an amalgamation of knowledge.

Only here,

I find peace and recycled love from the beginning

as it penetrates my personal space and quenches my thirst and satisfies my hunger.