July 23, 2008

Evolution in Continuance

By Charles Sapp II

The growth that separates living flesh from the Earth’s grasp,

seeking the living light that nurtures with divinity

and where the secure roots are twined deeply into evolving sanctity.

Learned to walk on ancestral soil with patience,

mobility embedded into memory as an earthbound walker,

following the sound of its own voice

as it echoes off the man-made boundaries.

Trespassing the line between dreams and imagination as figments dissipate;

reality becomes defined and validated by achievement.

As soon as water was able to walk on land

the oceans have rejected us from returning.

Taking a deep breath, while leaping into the sky

and swimming the cosmic sea,

the tethered roots snap and the cyclic nature of life repeats.

Learned to fly through inherited skies with grace,

without looking backwards

the Sun illuminates the path towards the future—

as settlements of dreams are constellated

for shared memories of an evolving species

recognizing its potential and redefining its future.