July 29, 2008

Heroes & Heroines

By Charles Sapp II

Heroes and Heroines forgotten within the present,

to become remembered in time’s passing.

The ones that devoted their lives

for unification, harmony, and the good will of fate.

Repelled by the succumbing darkness that waves its hands

by dimming the light towards receptive spirits.


humble with accordance to nature;

battle the shallow beasts’ attempt to overturn the bouts of grace

with anguish and tumultuous tribulations of humanities insubordination.

Heroes that replenish the body of water

with open wounds pouring their life force in sacrifice to the source

that sustains the proliferation of tranquility and peace.

The face of mankind speaks with great fervor,

yet the language of action is felt by the commonality of faith

where truth outweighs the subterfuge of the few.

Galactic graves and constellation memorials ignite the skies with honor,

as the beauty of purity pervades the emptiness of lost hope

and fills the void of eternal despair,

mankind can reflect on those that evoked consciousness throughout history.

Heroes that paved the road to the future

encompassing global change,

environmental awareness,

human rights

and the preservation of beauty through human compassion.