July 30, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

The water bearer of life
invokes the essence of animated matter,
flowing through the passageways of time.
The fluid nature of innovation fruit ideas abound,
in an ethereal sense with embodied vision towards the future.
The silhouette from the Moon’s gravity on the surface of the ocean,
draws the body of water closer,
where aquatic boundaries are claimed under the rule of Aquarius
as water dominates the blue planet.

Uranus speaks with an enigmatic voice
this evokes direction as the Earth cycles.
The water bearer delivers consciousness and compassion
where human emotion revolves in patterns persuaded by universal concoctions.
The element of air eccentric and elusive,
invisible to sight and presence felt when summoned.
The oceans are receptive while the wind flirts with the course of change.

A humanitarian by impeccable design;
the watchful eye within the zodiacal domain
brings forth the dawn of a new age, a new millennium
as time escorts the energy from the past by flushing old concepts
with liquid love raining down upon the parched Earth,
delivering the equinox of the Sun as a gift
with all of its purity and divination of day and night.
Mankind embraced by the outpouring of heavenly love,
reinforced by altruistic fate
we begin to return our gaze to the stars focusing on the future.