August 1, 2008

The Conductor

By Charles Sapp II

The germination of thoughts

spreading like wildflowers across the landscape of hillside ruminations,

musing over blissful clouds and meandering through sunset motifs.

Events of silent moments piqued by the crescendo of nature’s dialogue,

symphonized harmoniously with wing patterns beating against the wind,

as the sound of inspiration culminates and leads into artistic action.

Captivated by the orchestration of life playing live,

a personal concerto,

with the dim light mood and the nocturnal accompaniment

presents an evening of dancing silhouettes beneath the luminous moon

where silver incandescence sparkles like liquid mirages

transforming the landscape to a stage for the stars

Thoughts conceived and given birth to introspection

where life beckons and existence is animated by experience.

The energy seeps through the Earth and enters the body;

as a conductor, the written sermon, a testament of living power

transcendent upon all creatures great and small

living in unison,

beneath the heavens we play our part.