August 4, 2008

Spirit Child

By Charles Sapp II

The spirit child

separating truth and wisdom with the sleight of tongue.

With the familiarity of attractive forces,

vaporous verses spewed from the lips of a hungry mouth,

summoning the creation of imagination with ghostly appearances.

In pursuit for love inhabited in the most inhospitable regions of the heart and mind;

the spirit child within lives.

The spirit is found in all,

the mystery of the subsequent is solved

by planting seeds of the future to procure our longevity.

The tight grasp of child's hands clasped into ours,

while awaiting the tide of change to rise;

wading in shallow waters,

feet become soaked as careful steps made towards the depths of the unknown.

The spirit child,

evokes the innocence and nourishment of love

within our co-existence concerning all matters of the heart.

The living verse spoken into existence and living breath inflating the lungs

while inquisitive nature hunts for answers as hunger propels the need for growth.

Remember the child’s comforting gaze,

transferring the strength and power we were once born with

as life is the adventure of acquired knowledge

and truth is the back-drop of its inspired essence.