August 5, 2008

Love Offering

Picture taken on 8/2/08 Reservation Beach, Marina CA.

This is my hundredth post and I wanted to commemorate it with the parallel loves of my life which is my soon to be wife and my writing. My two loves have transcended my expression and experience, during the darkest moments in my life and allowed me to see the full picture; the purity of simplicity and the beauty of entirety which encompasses all with the grace of love.

By Charles Sapp II

I’ve solidified the rain and summoned the Sun’s presence,

showcasing the crystalline beauty of diamonds falling from the sky.

I’ve presented this offering of love

to the one that I love.

She teleported herself through the ether of dreams from the future,

six years of riding on memory’s back,

she made her way to my heart.

Full and complete she filled my mind with strength and will.

The ambient foreshadow of reunited energies,

coalesced into a fire to never become extinguished.

She delivered me Red-Hots in a heart bag, with the scent of Pearberry lotion

so I may never forget her scent.

My love plot thickens,

as I envision us walking the opalescent sands of distant destinations

to wed our fate and cherish humble beginnings

as our lives have transformed and journeyed thus far.

She is the enlightenment I’ve sought for,

her presence makes my soul complete.

Destiny watches with magnificence and pride,

as it resurrected something beautiful from an ugly past.

Receptive to her love,

I deliver her my trust and respect,

I bow to her grace and look deep into her eyes

and allow my soul to speak

as it recites my pledge, my testament, and my verse

throughout eternity’s lifetime.