August 11, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

Those truant to the encompassing magnitude of tribunal gatherings,

where the world has spoken in unison.

As the perilous planet pirouettes through space,

beings cling to her surface with heads bowed with prayers of mercy.

The future has come,

what was told has been said;

what was written has been read.

Time’s translucent dictation of the past

and reoccurring present, will heed no more warnings.

The Earth has crumbled under the sheer weight of burden,

and trees have walked away with their roots.

The untamed wind hunts stealth with savage fierceness

and the tumultuous seas trespass the shore’s boundaries

in pursuit for vindication from unlawful treason.

The soil that has given birth to nameless children,

must now identify their selves.

The watchful eye of the Sun will now look away

as the Moon marks shame to the naked walkers of the night.

The planet will claim its independence as it existed before.

The world has spoken,

we have not listened,

evolution is in progress;

the delay is negligent

and time will not wait.