August 13, 2008

A Poet

Langston Hughes
Painting by Artist Winold Reiss, National Portrait Gallery

By Charles Sapp II

A poet,

inspired by the ebb and flow of life and their interaction upon mankind.

A poet,

who composes to release the collective energy upon those that are receptive

and transforms this energy into positive arrangements of love and passion.

A poet,

that has the responsibility to expose the nakedness of truth

with mere words spoken into existence

and obligated to extract the essence of beauty even from the ugliest face of nature.

A poet,

that dreams when awake and is awake when dreaming.

The writer and lover,

sees vivid patterns; to persuade the future.

A poet,

closes their eyes and visions the opening of the world’s mind.

A poet is the conduit of perspective and awareness,

behold the here and now, await the future.