August 18, 2008


By Charles Sapp II

Windows permit the flood of sunlight in,

metaphoric to the properties of truth;

the solar warmth retreats the night’s cold

to vaporous descent following the shadows oblivion

when facing the heart of pure energy.

The windows to the soul; the eyes,

discovers the harmony within.

The panoramic view of the night sky,

reveals the window to the heaven’s and the skyscape of limitless dreams.

I wish to find you there,

peering through the looking glass of my nascent beginnings;

Naïve from sheltered barriers that life restricts

rather it is the vehicle of my body or the confines of my fragile existence.

Parturient to a new found belief,

I whispered to your heart,

while the latent warmth quickly escaped from your body;

the departure towards your eternal life,

you spoke directly to me

using the language of my atmospheric passion;

the voice of thunder, exclaimed with bolts of lightning;

I experienced the passing of energy

while I viewed and listened through open windows.