August 25, 2008

Sunrise and Sunset

I write this poem as I remember the passing of my mother exactly 5 years ago from yesterday. She played an integral part of my social awareness and sensitivity. My mother raised 3 wonderful children and even though she may not physically be here with us, but her spirit remains ever-present.

By Charles Sapp II

The Sun rises and sets early,

this day I especially remember you.

The horizon is visible because of you.

You have been the closest I’ve been to God.

From you I came to be,

and now without you, a piece remains within me.

The love you gave to me shall never cease and expire.

Your early departure has never shorted your wisdom shared.

The seeds sowed have grown to mature trees and a sapling that bears creative fruit.

Your passion thrives

as it courses through our veins.

Your material form may be no longer,

but the manifestation of you can be seen throughout all that is beautiful

and is reflected by the watchful eye of the moon at night.

You are my heavenly mother,

secured throughout eternity,

within memory we shall never forget you.