August 22, 2008

Birth of a New Season

Exactly one month from this day a new season will be among us and I feel that it is appropriate to write about the transition into a new season.

By Charles Sapp II

As the summer solstice of the sun shifts towards the vernal equinox;

the flood gates open and give way to the marine layer

that creeps along the coastal landscape;

a precursor to the shortening of the day’s light.

Above the land, birds catch drift to the winds current and migratory breeds

fly in formation, under a cadence of supreme innovation,

using celestial navigation and clouds as rest stops.

Atmospheric metamorphosis dually dependent

to the Earth’s axis and solar distance.

The sky inhales and we exhale, we breathe in unison.

Rainfall smelled from the distance

as the chatter from the trees can be heard awaiting the

gift from the heavens.

Meteoric showers spark the night sky

and constellations shift in parallax,

the observers of time and space

witnessing the birth of a new season.