May 13, 2009


After having a spiritual encounter, I began to write and as I wrote all the words seemed to come from another source. I knew that I was within a special place and this special place stayed with me for quite sometime and most of the writing I was able to capture. After it was all said and done and the feeling subsided, I was left with a brand new view or vision of writing that was stored deep within. I believe that most writers or artist understand what this phenomena is, but can rarely explain it. This is my encounter:

by Charles Sapp II

Face to face with the empty void of uncertainty,

full with endless possibilities.

Staring at the future with eyes of determination,

eyes wide open as a leap of faith has been committed;

the black hole of entirety.

The point of singularity encompasses the events of yesterday

through tomorrow with series of sequences.

Human chaos to harmonious order,

written to remember,

spoken to be felt.

Touched by her voice,

records of time fill the backdrop of space;

free falling faster than light can see.

History becomes now.

Shadows loom in the distance,

in various degree,

arranged by the highest concentration of purity from the original

divulged from memory.

The choice is yours. Tomorrow is the rebirth of today, reclaiming innocence.

Cumulative faith,

balancing of power,

to be touched through impenetrable walls

and feel the organism of life.

Slowly the descent halts,

a suspension to the ether,

crossroads of the divine.

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