October 18, 2009

As the Dust Settles

I have made many adjustments in my life and so many signs have pointed towards making time to do what I do best, which is write. 2009 has been a rebirth of a man with a new purpose. I was a victim of the econ-crisis and was laid-off for more than 8 months without state unemployment checks because I lived overseas. This was difficult, luckily I bounced back and have been slowly making my way towards normalcy and less bill collectors hunting me through my phone. Mid 2009 has been the best period of my life, I married the love in my life that kept me positive and on track. My wife was also the motivation to have me complete my college education. I have had my head buried in school work.

These changes have made an everlasting impression on my outlook and how I perceive life. All I have thought about was getting back into my craft and I am listening and feeling my way through how I feel. 5 months is enough time and I am blessed for all the encouragement. But isn't this the artists' progression?